This site is dedicated to establish the fact that our ultimate success in this Dunia and Akhirat is only in religion - obedience to Allah s.w.t and following the Sunnah of Nabi s.a.w.

I think before we venture into a sacred and holy issue like religion, we should at least qualify ourselves, right? So, I have posted this three mind-boggling questions for all of us to answer or just ponder.

What is your purpose of life here on earth?
What are your necessities in life on earth and who fulfilled it?
What are your responsibilities in life here on earth?

This simple qualification is togauge our awareness on our purpose, neccessities and responsibilities.

In this blog, I shall commit to these basic tenets....

-I shall not dwell into hukum hakam, halal haram as those are better handled by an Ustaz or Alim. After all, hukum hakam is just 1/6 of the Quran! What is the other 5/6? Muslims are already engaged in thousands of arguments and we don't need to further fan the fire or "tragedy". I was told, even in Solat, there are more than 200 "point of disagreement"!

-I shall not dwell into furu', Fiqh and other intricacies. Islam has 2 major sects, 4 major Mazhabs, more than 20 types of fikrah, many ideologies, different political affiliations and other trends. Discussions on this is filled to the brim, some already exploded! So, I am not wasting time in any war of words on any issues with anyone.

-I shall dwell into sharing with you some food for the soul. As our body needs nutrients, our soul too needs nur (light) in the form of reminders from the Quran, Hadith, Hayatus Sahabah, provoking questions and fikir to enlighten our hearts! An enlightened heart ( heart filled with the Greatness of Allah and the love of Nabi s.a.w, virtues of amal and promises of Allah etc) will drive us to amal, insya Allah. It is all about our iman (faith) and our amal ( deeds)

-I shall dwell into instilling the fikir, risau and bimbang ( thoughts, worries and anxiety) of Nabi s.a.w towards his ummat and the fikir, risau and bimbang about the state of our iman and the quality of our amal.

-I shall dwell into imparting the virtues of amal ( fadhillat amal) so that we can value each amal and be convinced of the promises of Allah s.w.t behind each amal. Only when we know the virtues of amal would we be encouraged to amal!

-I shall qualify that most posts here are excerpts or notes dictated from the many sermons I attended the last fifteen years and books, audio and video presentations by many Ulama's, Hafiz, Muhaddith, Alims and Maulanas from all over the world. I shall also qualify that the posts here can be referred to many Muktabbar books on Islam.

-I shall qualify that our limited knowledge on Quran and the known Muktabbar books of Islam may lead us to perceptions, misinterpretation and assumptions on some issues. If to understand Quran needs 17 key ilm (knowledge) and with 300000 Hadith in different Books and 4 different Mazhabs with different interpretations, I think we can agree the huge task for all of us to grasp Islam. However, there is indeed, today, although very rare and few, people who are a Hafiz, a Muhaddith and an Alim of the four Mazhabs! Yes! We just need to "identify" their traits and if possible, muzakarrah with them. However, identifying that trait is a different ilm altogether!

-I shall ensure that contents of this blog is about self-correction, not correcting others! It was not intended to be educational nor producing decrees or fatwa! You can't be an Ustaz by visiting this Blog! It is for you and me to gauge the state of our iman and amal. When we know our state of iman and amal, measured against a certified yardstick i.e yardstick in the eyes of Allah swt and Rasulullah s.a.w, we will know "how good or bad we are"! So, from there we would begin to see what we need to do to enhance our iman and amal!

Agree? Are you with me?

I hope, from this blog, you would get that "food for your soul" and eventually be able to gauge your state of iman and quality of amal. Again, this blog is about self-correction, not correcting others!

I am also happy to hear your comments! By the way, for the benefit of all, I do mix English and Malay in my blog purely to maintain the authenticity of the notes and messages. Please comment...

May Allah give us hidayat. Doa...

Monday, November 16, 2009


"Ummah" is not the name given to a nation or inhabitants of a specific region. Unification of hundreds and thousands of nations and region forms the Ummah. Anyone who owns only a particular nation or region and disowns others, slaughters the Ummah, tears it into pieces and nullifies the efforts of the Rasul s.a.w and his companions r.a. First we splitted and thus slaughtered the Ummah, then only the Yahud and Nasarah butchered into pieces the already slaughtered Ummah - Maulana Yusof Khandalavi

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